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Hitachi Magic Focus & Manual Convergence Tips


If magic foucus does not work correctly try running the manual convergence instead of using magic foucus.

1) Turn the TV on
2) Press Magic Focus to begin magic focus
3) Press magic focus again during the magic focus process to get the "stop" screen
4) While stop screen is up, press STATUS or INFO on the remote control (R/C) to bring you to DCAM mode and
the service grid
5) When you first get in here? I believe red is the selected color by default (it is flashing).
6) To choose other colors to converge, use the following buttons on the R/C:
a) "STATUS" - Green
b) "0" - Red
c) "ANT" - Blue
7) Start from the center of the screen and work your way out on one color at a time. I adjusted red across the
whole screen to match green. Then I switched to blue, and adjusted that to green as well. After you adjust blue, you
may want to go back and adjust some red again? etc. until the convergence looks good.
(a) Use 4, 6, 2, and 5 on the R/C to move the cursor position(dotted lines).
(b) Use thumb stick to move the convergence point color.

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Magic Focus<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

If Sensor Initialization is not performed, the set will not allow Magic Focus to operate.

This is done by pressing the PIP-MODE button on the remote once (1), then pressing the PIP CH button.

This begins a preprogrammed generation of different light patterns.

Magic Focus memory memorizes the characteristics
of the light pattern produced by the digital convergence module.

If a convergence touchup is required in the future, the customer simply presses the Magic Focus button on the front panel or activates it from the customer’s menu and the set begins another preprogrammed production of different light patterns.

This automated process duplicates the same light pattern it memorized from the initialization process, re-aligns the set to the memorized convergence condition.

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