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MCZ3001DB IC Chip

MCZ3001DB IC Chip
mcz3001db for Sony Repair mcz3001db Chip
MCZ3001DB IC Chip for Sony and Hitachi TV repair. This is the suggested replacement for MCZ3001D, MCZ3001DA, 875967030. This is an upgraded OEM pulse width modulation chip. Its designed to last longer than the original ones that Sony and Hitachi used that commonly fail. Sony part number 670335501, 670581001 and the Hitachi part number is CP08451U

This is a common part that fails in many projection and LCD TV models including the following.

KV36HS420, KV-38FS120, KV-34FS120, KV-36FS320, KV36XBR400, VPLHS20, KV34HS420, KV36HS20, KV-36HS500, KDFE55A20, KV-21FM120, KV-30HS420, KD36XS955, KDFE60A20, KV21FS120, KV-32DX850, KDE55XBR950, KDP51WS655, KV24FS120, KV32FS120, KDF42E2000, KDP57WS655, KV-25FS120, , KD30XS955, KDF-55XS955, KP46WT520, KV27FV310, KD32FS130, KDF-60WF655, KP51WS520, KV27HS420, KD34XBR960, KDF-60XS955, KP57WS520, KV-29DRC420, KD-34XBR970, KDFE42A10, KV20FS120, KV-29FA310, KD34XS955, KDF-E50A10, KV-21FA310, KV-29FS120, KD-36FS130, KV-32FS320, KDF42WE655, KE42M1, KV-27FA310, KV32HS20, KDF50WE655, KF-42WE620, KV27FS120, KV-32HS420, KDF55WF655, KF-50WE620, KV-27FS320, KV32HV600, KV32XBR450, KV36FS120,

Note: This item does not include installation instructions or support. If you need this ( highly recommended) please purchase one our complete repair kits instead. All of our repair kits come with the correct parts, step by step photo repair instructions, soldering instructions, and support.
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