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Philips Magnavox 60PP9100D-37 CRT Lens Fluid Kit. Dull Video Fix

Philips Magnavox 60PP9100D-37 CRT Lens Fluid Kit. Dull Video Fix

Philips Magnavox Projection TV Repair Kit for one or more of the following symptoms

  • Video looks dull.
  • Objects may look like they have halos around them
  • Video may look bright white, red, green, or blue

  • Note: This is a very common problem. Within your projection TV set there is a small red, green, and blue picture tube. On top of the tube there is a lens that focuses the video on the screen. Between the lens and the top of the tube there is a hollow chamber filled with a clear liquid. This fluid is specially designed to keep the tube from overheating. After about 4-5 years the fluid will become cloudy and will cause the symptoms listed above. After using our kit to drain and replace the old fluid and clean the lens your video will look factory new. Trusts us when we say you will be amazed at how good the video will appear after the fluid is replaced.

Complete Kit ( Replacement Parts + Photo Repair Instruction Guide

Kit Includes

  • Replacement Fluid - Two 16oz bottles of CRT Coolant
  • Fluid Pump - Specifically designed to make draining the fluid clean and simple
  • Photo Instruction Manual - Complete Instructions on how to repair your TV. This is a step by step photo instruction guide that will walk you through each step of the repair. All of our instructions are written so that the average person can perform the repair. You do not need to have any prior TV repair experience to use this kit.(Download Version - allows you to view/zoom/print from your computer)
  • Help Desk Support - We know that you may have questions or need further assistance during a repair which is why we have an online help desk system. The help desk is the best method for yourself and for us to keep track of repair questions, status, notes, suggestions, etc. The help system also allows you to attach photos and to receive additional docs from us when needed.

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