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Tv Power Supply Capacitor Kit for LCD, Plasma, and Projection TV Sets
Power Supply Repair Kit for LCD, Plasma, Projection TVs, Etc

Your TV may have one or all of the following symptoms
  • No video, Power light is on or blinking.
  • TV is making a clicking noise.
  • TV takes a while to come on
  • Screen is very dim or flickers.
The number one cause for the symptoms above are faulty capacitors within your Plasma or LCD TV. The number one reason that these parts fail is that TV manufacturers often times use lower grade ESR capacitors in their efforts to reduce costs. After several years these lower grade parts will tend to fail. To insure that these parts will not fail again its imperative that they are replaced with high temp, high quality, low-ESR caps. The below kit/fix is exactly what repair shops use first when repairing LCD and Plasma sets.

Kit Contents

High Temp Low ESR capacitors. Each kit contains over 50 capacitors ranging in values from .47 up to  3300UF which are the most common ones used within Plasma and LCD TV sets.  All of the capacitors in the kit are designed to last between 7500-10,000 hours. Note that capacitor failures are not just isolated to plasma ad LCD TV sets. Many of today's electronics also suffer from the same problem. This universal kit can also be use to repair  Projection TVs, CRT TV sets, Stereos, Game Consoles, Computer Mother Boards, etc.

Capacitor Discharge Tool - Capacitors are like batteries and can store voltages for a long time. This tool is used to safely discharge any stored voltages in the capacitors before replacing with new ones form the kit.

Photo Instruction Manual - Complete Instructions on how to repair your TV. This is a step by step photo instruction guide that will walk you through each step of the repair. All of our repair guides are non technical and easy to follow. You do not need to have any prior electronic repair experience to use this kit.(Download Version - allows you to view/zoom/print from your computer)

Safety Guide - Working on televisions can be safe as long as you follow the steps outlined in this guide. These are the same procedures that local repair shops use when working on television sets.

Soldering Instruction Manual - Complete instructions on how learn to solder like a pro in less that 30 minutes. * Email/Phone/Live Chat Support In Stock Shipping : USPS Priority Mail - Average Delivery times is 2-3 Days.

Help Desk Support - We know that you may have questions or need further assistance during a repair which is why we have an online help desk system.  The help desk is the best method for yourself and for us to keep track of  repair questions, status, notes, suggestions, etc. The help system also allows you to attach photos and to receive additional docs from us when needed.div>

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Shipping : USPS Priority Mail - Average Delivery times is 2-3 Days.

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